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Herringbone Cashmere Muffler, Navy + Grey

Herringbone Cashmere Muffler, Navy + Grey

$ 62.00

*** This item is part of our Curated Gifts Collection ***

Hand-woven in Nepal with natural cashmere wool, these mufflers are super soft, light in weight, warm to wear and wrinkle-free. Just the thing for layering up and staying cozy.

Measures 12.5” X 70” with eyelash fringing at the edges.

Cashmere Care Instructions:

Cashmere is a luxurious fabric which requires delicate care.

  • Never place cashmere items in the washer or dryer. We strongly recommend dry cleaning
  • Hand wash works too. When hand washing, use lukewarm water and a very mild soup
  • Never wring or twist the material as it will lose its original shape
  • When drying cashmere, gently squeeze excess water, adjust the size to its original shape and air dry

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