- est 2010 - Seattle WA - USA -
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Rain City Forge represents classic beauty through simplicity of adornment. Modern designs with subtle textural elements make for extremely wearable and versatile jewelry wardrobe staples.

Founded in Seattle in 2010, our studio is now based out of south east King County. The collection is entirely designed in-house and handforged in the USA from silver, vermeil and 18k gold. Select collections also feature thoughtfully chosen gemstones and hand applied powder coating. 

A portion of proceeds is dedicated to charities focused on fighting hunger here in America. Last year alone, we were able to provide 5,240 meals. One for you, ten for them... now that's what we call a sweet deal.


About the maker:

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A West Coast native with family roots in Hawaii, Adia Mei Jun Bobo has been working as a jewelry metalsmith since 2010. Adia's studio is currently based out of the greater Seattle area.