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Working with a Jewelers Saw Workshop

Working with a Jewelers Saw Workshop

$ 30.00

Working with a jewelers saw (referred to as piercing) is a fundamental skill of metalworking. Getting comfortable with your saw will allow you to explore limitless ideas. With your saw you can cut classic shapes to make into earrings, create silhouettes for pendants and work your way up to more challenging, complex and intricate designs over time.

This is a beginners class and does not require any previous experience. It's also suitable for anyone who has a hard time with sawing and would benefit from tips, tricks and more practice.

We'll cover getting to know your saw frame, selecting the correct blade size for your project and practice cutting and finishing. This skill can be practiced and refined in a limited studio space - if you have a table to saw at and a few small tools you can add piercing to your metalworking skill set!

Live Class options will be held over Zoom and include a materials kit, access to short demo videos and a full recording of the class session. A link to the demo videos will be emailed to you with the written materials when we ship your kit. The class recording will be sent to you within 24hours of class completion. Signup deadlines are one week prior to each session to ensure enough time to receive your kit in the mail.

The Self-Study option includes a materials kit, pdf and templates for practice cut outs.

Materials kit includes:

  • 3" square piece of 18g brass sheet
  • 3" square piece of 22g copper sheet
  • 4" x 6" piece of tracing paper
  • 3" x 4" pieces of sandpaper in 320 + 360 grits
  • 3" x 4" piece of 3M Tri-M-Ite 30micron polishing paper (for a matte finish)
  • 10 sawblades to correspond with each sheet metal gauge
  • pdf of tips and tricks for sawing success and templates for practice cut outs (sent via email when kit ships, hard copy included in package)

To complete this class you should also have a jewelers saw, bench pin, blade wax, a sharpie (extra fine tip), small files and tape. Rubber cement, scrap paper and a scribe can be helpful but are not required.

We keep a small selection of new tools on hand - if you need a starter kit, please let me know. I can share info on what I have in stock and forward info for other suppliers.

*The kit is intended to be used during class so that we're all working with the same materials to learn the process. Even if you have your own pieces, I would definitely recommend using the kit to practice during class and saving your sheet metal for your next project.

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